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International Society of Precision Cancer Medicine (ISPCM)

Article 1. Name, Location and Representation

Section 1.1 : Name
The name of the society is the International Society of Precision Cancer Medicine, hereinafter referred to as either "ISPCM" or "The Society." 

Section 1.2 : Address
The Society's office shall be determined by the President of The Society. Normally this will be collocated with the area of residence of the President. The Society may also have offices at other places as determined by Cabinet.

Section 1.3 : Language
English shall be the official language of The Society and shall be used for all Society purposes.

Section 1.4 : Composition and Representation
The ISPCM consists of individual members with a major professional interest in the study of cancer as well as relevant data management. 

Article 2. Objects and Activities

Section 2.1 : Purpose 
ISPCM intends to contribute to the eradication of cancer through research and exchange of information and friendship among members.

Section 2.2 : Activities 
ISPCM shall carry out following activities to achieve the purposes mentioned in Section 2.1. 
1. Holding domestic/international scientific meetings and unofficial academic meetings.
2. Carrying out cancer research.
3. Taking care of international relationship of ISPCM in the science.
4. Managing homepage of ISPCM.
5. Other activities which are deemed to be necessary by ISPCM.

Article 3. Membership

Section 3.1 : Members 
ISPCM shall be joined by individuals or organizations that subscribe to the purpose of ISPCM, and shall be comprised of regular members. 
1. Regular member: who is a scientist in cancer, and subscribes to the purpose of ISPCM. They will enjoy all rights and privileges of The Society as defined by the Bylaws. Regular Membership is contingent upon timely payment of annual dues.

Article 4. Membership dues

Section 4.1 : Annual Dues 
Annual dues for membership shall be recommended by President. Payment of annual dues entitles the Regular Member to vote, hold office, and receive other benefits of membership.

Section 4.2 : Payment of Dues
Annual dues are to be paid at the beginning of each calendar year in accordance with established Policy and Procedures of The Society.

Section 4.3 : Termination of membership
Membership in The Society may be terminated for nonpayment of dues in accordance with established Policy and Procedures of The Society. Non-payment is defined as greater than 24 months in arrears. 

Section 4.4 : Rights
Regular members who have abided by their duties shall have the rights to make proposal at the Cabinet.

Section 4.5 : Secession
Any member can secede from ISPCM on his/her own will, if the member decides to withdraw for an important reason, by submission of notice of secession.

Article 5. Meeting of the Membership

Section 5.1 : Annual Meeting 
The Society shall meet annually in a combined business and scientific session. The annual meeting site shall be determined by the President. The President of The Society shall appoint the President of Local Organizing Committee. 

Section 5.2 : Special meeting
Special meetings of the entire membership may be called at any time by either the President of The Society.

Article 6. Council

Section 6.1 : Council Members
ISPCM shall appoint the following Council Members. 
1. President of The Society: 1 person.
2. Secretary: 1 person.
3. President of the Society Elect: 1 person.
4. Immediate Past President of The Society: 1 person.
5. Members of the executive board: 5 persons defined in section 7.2.
6. Members of the advisory board: 5 persons defined in section 7.3.

Section 6.2 : Board of Council
Board of Council shall be comprised of the Council members of ISPCM specified in Section 6.1 and shall be called upon by the President.

Section 6.3 : Agenda of the Board of Council
Board of Council shall discuss and resolve the following agenda. 
1. Convocation of the meetings of the members.
2. Resolution on admission of special and honorary members.
3. Resolution on dismissal of regular members.
4. The other import issues.

Section 6.4 : Election of Council Members 
1. President shall be chosen among members of the Society by the Executive Board. 
2. Secretary shall be appointed by the President of the Society.

Section 6.5 : Duties and Tenures of Council Members
1. The President presides over the board of Council, and the terms of the President lasts for two (2) years.
2. Secretary takes charge of the general affairs of ISPCM, He/She supervises and makes plans on activities of ISPCM and mid-to-long term financial schedules and the tenure lasts for 2 years.
3. The tenure of Council members, who are appointed as substitutes for vacancies shall be the rest of the remaining tenure of the former Council members.

Article 7. Committees

Section 7.1 : Committees
The standing committees of The Society include Nomination and Local Organizing committees. The President of The Society with the approval of council may convene ad hoc or special committees. (e.g. Bylaws, Membership, Guidelines, Education and Informatics). 

Section 7.2 : Standing Committees 
1. Nomination Committee. 
The President of The Society shall appoint the members of this committee. Members of this committee always become the member of the Board of Council. 
2. Local Organizing Committee
The Local Organizing Committee should organize the Annual Meeting, establish the scientific program, provide cooperative procedures for the meeting. The President of The Society shall appoint the President of Local Organizing Committee.

Section 7.3 : Advisory board 
The President of The Society shall appoint a few members as advisory board. 

Article 8. Finance and Accounting

Section 8.1 : Finance
Expenses of this society shall be appropriated by admission fee, membership fee, contribution and other dues.

Section 8.2 : Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of this society lasts for 1 year beginning from the date of the general assembly.

Article 9. Amendments to the Bylaws
The Bylaws of the Society may be amended according to the following procedure: 

Section 9.1
Any proposal for amendment to the bylaws must be submitted to the Board of Council at least 3 months before it meets. In no case shall the bylaws be amended unless the amendment was adopted by two-third of the Board of Council.

Article 10. Dissolution
Dissolution shall be proposed, processed and voted upon in the same manner as stipulated in these Bylaws for Amendments.

Things not stipulated in this bylaws shall be determined on a basis of common practice.